Did You Know?

Mountain View Memorial Park offers FREE placement of memorial bouquets in the cemetery when purchased from us!

We have a wide variety of beautiful, seasonal bouquets to choose from to honor those you love--on birthdays, holidays and other special occasions—all offering the exclusive “stay in the vase” design. Unique “grips” hold the flowers in place, eliminating the need for styrofoam or clay. So easy, neat and never disappointingly empty vases from flowers blowing away from the gravesite of your loved one!

Available for a one time placement—or, you may conveniently set up placements in the cemetery for the year.

Contact us at 864-834-3184 to request yours today, or click Request Flowers to email us.

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  • Niche Bud Vase Bouquet: $15
  • Niche Vase Bouquet: $25
  • Mausoleum Vase Bouquet: $35
  • Medium Ground Vase Bouquet: $45
  • Large Ground Vase Bouquet: $55

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